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“I love to paint….simple as that. My paintings are an expression of mood or emotions at the time of creation, allowing the viewer to feel what they need to feel, see what they need to see. I paint with great feeling, laying out my palette and selecting music until all is in tune with my emotions at the time of creation. My creativity is fed by loving and observing life, people, and nature. Whether the work is moody – brooding – joyful or exciting – thoughtful or peaceful - the colors and palette knife allow me as an artist to both experience and express what I am feeling. These feelings come on strong, and only a glimpse of them can be translated onto the canvas. The process from vision to completion is a very special time for me, allowing all the tools to work in harmony creating an honest piece from the heart.

Friday, 3 May 2019

New Work

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This Collection of Contemporary Textured Acrylic paintings is inspired by our many trips to:
Alaska, land and sea. 25 days in the Mediterranean, 3 weeks going around Cape Horn from Chile to Buenos Aires,
Eastern Canada, Eastern U.S, Western Canada, Northern B.C., Northern Ontario, Prairie Provinces, always Georgian Bay in our boat,
Caribbean - St Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands, Grenada, Bonaire, Aruba, San Juan, Ft Lauderdale, Antigua, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados,
My favorite so far is Dominica.
I paint with my heart, mind and soul. All of the emotion, sites, and sounds from these wonderful places are poured into this Style.
If you are interested in purchasing a painting or having a commission created please contact me.

   "Primarily Cryptic"
Acrylic / Textured / on Board
8" x 48"
Left & Right are Close Ups


"Winds of Worry, Futile"
30" X 30" 
Painted 2' sides
Textured Acrylic

“Treasured Secrets”
Textured Acrylic 
16” x 20” 
1” painted sides

 “Honey Run”
12 x 12 Gallery Wrapped
Textured Acrylic

"Sailor's Take Warning, Georgian Bay Morning"
Contemporary Textured Acrylic 10" x 30" Gallery Wrapped Canvas

14" x 18" Textured Acrylic
Please contact artist about this artwork.

 "Peaceful Optimism"
# 3 of Peaceful Series
10 x 12" Textured Acrylic
Please contact artist about this artwork.